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29 Nov 2019

Who doesn’t dream of looking dashing in clothes like khaki pants for men that emphasise our best features and mask our not so desirable features? While we see bollywood men of all sizes and shapes look amazing on screen, we rarely look that great in similar clothes. Most men spend money and shop a variety of brands just to find clothes that fit them. But, alas most brands in India that sell good quality clothes are foreign brands, and so, do not always complement the physique of our men. Of course, you can always buy expensive fabrics and take it to tailors and trust them to get it right, and if they don’t, well, suffer the pain in silence.

Trousers by Blackberrys

Let’s take the case of trousers

Sure, a lot of us try to hit the gym and stay fit in our late teens and twenties but, hit the thirties, our priorities change and responsibilities increase. This along with long hours at desk jobs and calorie rich Indian cuisines are the perfect formula for men with less than ideal body types. In fact, most Indian men have either a top-heavy or bottom-heavy body types, that of an apple or pear respectively. This means that most men pile on fat around the abdomen or around the hip. If the fat is deposited around the abdomen, the waist would be bigger than the hip size, and if mass is concentrated around the hip then waist size would be relatively smaller but the hips would be broader.

The standard trousers found in the market are tailored in standard western proportions without taking into cognizance the peculiarities of Indian body types. This is why men’s chinos pants are either too tight around the thighs and loose around the waist or vice-versa. This is a fight that most men have to face in India. But thankfully, Blackberrys is an premium Indian brand that creates exquisitely tailored clothes with superior fabric exclusively for the Indian body type. The parent company has three brands which dedicatedly tailors clothes for men from different age groups and preferences.

Instead of the conventional S,M,L,XL and XXL sizes, this brand has unique cuts and sizes which complement each type and part of the body. Their range of khaki pants for men fits well on all body types because of their unique fit varieties which includes slim fit, ultra slim fit, super slim fit, regular fit and phoenix fit. Each of these designs are special as unlike traditional brands where plus sizes are largely just large, these cling to your body without being too tight or loose even if you have an apple or pear body.

Another great feature of the products from this brand is the fabric. This specially holds true when it comes to suits which are western wear for a reason. This is because they were created to protect men from the cold weather of the countries there. Thanks to the British, they brought these clothes here and continued to wear them even during the hot summers of mainland India. This was done to express their racial and cultural superiority over Indians. Indians adopted this attire as a mark of higher social standing and the practice prevailed. Till date, suits are preferred in India for formal occasions. This is why Blackberrys launched a line of men’s suits which are tailored in exquisite designs and in perfect fit. What makes them a favourite among luxury brands is the fact that the fabric used is breathable and fine, making it ideal for Indian summers. This means that men can feel truly confident as they are in sharp clothes that feel comfortable. Additionally, they also have suits that are better suited for the cold weather.

For those looking for elegant and stylish clothes that make you look your best, then Blackberrys should be your destination. Their trouser range includes men’s chinos pants, formal trousers, jeans, etc. Visit their website and thou shalt not be disappointed.


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